The b2 reversal indicator

Our Powerful Trading & Investing Indicator

Why spend hours each day searching for high probability trading setups? Introducing, the B2 Reversal Indicator.

The B2 Reversal Indicator is a powerful trading and investing indicator that works in any time frame and any asset class. High probability buy and sell signals represented by easy-to-read up and down arrows flash on the charts.

The indicator searches for the highest probability of trades in accordance to Serge’s time-tested trading and investing approach: Bullish and bearish reversals, breakouts, trend continuation trades, and more.

Combined with the B2 Reversal Scanner, this indicator allows active investors and traders to focus on what matters most, executing high probability trades.

The B2 Reversal Indicator and Scanner dramatically reduces stocks, index, futures, and currency trading scanning time. In just minutes per day you can scan the markets and walk away with great high probability trading setups that otherwise would take hours to find.

Available for the following platforms (more platforms available soon):

ThinkorSwim, eSignal, TradeStation, Ninjatrader

The B2 Reversal Indicator

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