Great product, received my subscription fee back on the first trade. Looking forward to a great year.

Bill Corso

Great product. Love the insight. Holds up to its name "The Steady Trader"


I really appreciate the commentary and dedication every day. It is clear that Serge puts his heart into this. Thank you, Serge...


I trade options, and I can say that using Serge's analysis and his trade positions as option plays, his summary allows you understand the trade in depth without too much or too little background. On my first day, I posted my trades open and closing prices, and netted $400. The service Serge provides is excellent, as Serge does not fight the tape, rather finds the trades that make sense.

Vincent StJohn

Serge is one of the best technical analysts I follow. He helps keep me in sync with the market's trend. I view 100% of his email alerts, daily.


The Steady Trader is one of the best products on advisory services for trading. Serge does a great job


John, Colorado:

"I have been delighted by the rational, prudent approach to trading using Serge’s technical analysis skills and combining long and short time frames for Bucket 1,2, & 3 trades.
I enjoy the daily & weekly reports offering 2-3 trade ideas. Learning patience for trading is a must and you communicate it well. Keep up the great work!"

Patti, California:

"Since I’ve been a subscriber I’ve benefited from many profitable trades and I have learned so much from Serge in the chat room. I also love the blog updates which keep me up to date when I am unable to follow along in the chat room. Thanks Serge. I hope to be a subscriber for many years to come!"

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