“The daily market video provides an in depth technical analysis unseen on other sites. The thorough explanations on the intricacies of technical investing have made me a better investor/trader. The novice to professional can learn from the observations being made and the transparent strategies given.”

Brian Rachwalski, Vice President, R.J. O’Brien, Fixed Income Group


“Following your daily newsletters and understanding your trading methodology has allowed me to see the markets in ways I’ve never experienced before. It’s amazing the clarity you get when realizing that opportunities occur in different timeframes. I’ve gone from only being a long-term investor to now also trading in a time-frame of a few weeks and it’s been a real blessing to me. Thank you and keep up the wonderful work”

Peter Binden - San Jose, California


“I wanted to thank you for the excellent insight you give in your daily newsletters and live in the chat room. Following your daily trading plans and analysis have made a huge difference in my bottom line and my trading skills. Thanks for all you do, it’s making a positive impact.”

Mike Kaluri – New York, New York


“I’m a big fan of your approach to trading using the multiple time-frames. I currently have short and long positions on with different time horizons and it really is helping the profits accumulate in my portfolio.” 

Henry Markowski – Orlando, Florida

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