Story of the day; 16point gap up in the futures this morning and sideways for the rest of the day.  Nothing to see here folks, move along.

Well, after the bell AAPL QCOM, FFIV and others includine YUM and CAKE came out with good earnings and as of right now all of them are ripping higher.  

In the daily newsletters and chat-room today we did decidedly little in terms of trading so as not to chase anything.  

Notable action today included further weakness in the banks, another breakout attempt by Home Depot and alot of good solid bullish price action in many sectors.  

My plan going into tomorrow is to watch for pullbacks and selectively buy into names on our list.  The question one must ask is this; after a huge gap up and solid day today and further strength afterhours due to AAPL and others, won't it be possible some investors might take a little profit off the table, especially heading into a three-day weekend?

Have a great night


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