The dollar remains the most important chart to watch in our opinion and while it too seems to have binary-move potential it will most likely dictate the way the rest of the risk assets go.

On the daily chart looking back three years we see a higher low accomplished earlier this year and now some resistance at the downtrend line.  These aren't hard and fast levels, just zones to watch.  A break of the dollar index above 80 should cause risk assets including equities to feel renewed pressure.  That might be a few weeks or even a couple of months away.

Tomorrow Ms. Merkel will be giving her speech and in the U.S. we have the November non-farm payroll data- – its a big day tomorrow and the market is acting like it wants to just wait to see what tomorow brings.  A strong payroll number tomorrow may be dollar positive and equity negative.

In terms of trading we are holding our small bucket 2 small positin in SPY from yesterday and will keep it into tomorrow.

We have not opened an initial and small bucket 3 long position in OIH (please see blog post from earlier today) but may do so tomorrow or next week.

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