? It’s been a long  and tiring week as stocks girated higher by about 50bps as of this writing.  While 50bps isn’t much it is respectable given where we are the headwinds that are blowing just outside the window.  In time equities will correct in price but until such time we must respect the price action.
? In terms of positions, this week was marked by us adding exposure in Silver, Gold, and Oil for Bucket 3.  All of them can, should, and likely will correct some in the near-term but our time-horizon (Bucket 3) shouldn’t care too much about the immediate-term price swings.
? We will go into the weekend with the the positions as posted on the blog, so no new Bucket 2 or 3 trades today.
? I will leave you with the below chart on oil.  Please note the key level we have reached and yes, oil can go much higher and it will hurt economic growth

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