• A consolidation day so far and we more or less filled the up open gap on the S&P 500
  • Mind you at the highs today we were up 50 points since Tuesday’s open..that’s alot in 3 days and it needs to be digested
  • Note gold today?  hard not to…but have you noticed that it is retesting a multi-year trend from below?  See the chart below
  • For the quicker traders among us note the bull flag on the 15 minute chart of the S&P 500 here…it it breaks higher we see 1334 likely quickly..if we break below maybe 1310.  See the chart
  • For me, I remain in 96% cash and happy as a clam.  Just waiting for  better Bucket 2 opportunities and hitting it quickly with bucket 1 in between if there is stuff to do



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