The bear market for stocks is already firmly in place in early 2016. Most investors are losing money hand over fist while a few smart traders and active investors are profiting handsomely.

I invite you to learn the one crucial aspect of bear markets that most investors don’t understand. In The Webinar I will show you how to profit from widespread fear in the markets with one specific straightforward strategy.

Join me this Wednesday, February 10th at 4:30 PM ET when I discuss Strategies To Survive And Thrive In A  Bear Market

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In the webinar, you will learn:

  • The Number One Aspect Of Bear Markets To Understand (Most Don’t Know This)

  • Why The S&P 500 Will Fall To 1,600 in 2016

  • How To Find Major Bear Market Resistance Zones (Sell or Short Stocks There)

  • How To Profit From Widespread Fear In The Markets

You will also get a chance to ask questions during our live Q&A session

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