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The Ultimate Candlestick Bootcamp



The Ultimate Candlestick Bootcamp

Is an 11 part video-series trading course and 30 page e-book which will teach you my high probability trading and active investing strategies that I have learned and perfected over my nearly 20 year trading career..

These are some of the same powerful trading methods that professional traders such as banks, prop firms, and hedge funds use around the world in their daily trading activities.

No information is held back: You will learn a highly profitable and repeatable trading and active investment process that fits your lifestyle. I will show you how to consistently find the highest probability points to buy any given stock, index, commodity or currency.  

You will learn:

  • How to Nail Reversals by Correctly Reading Investor Sentiment & Emotions using Candles and more

  • The Powerful Rocket Launch and Gravity Pull Setups

  • The Secret to Proper Multi-Timeframe Analysis

  • The Importance of Confluence Zones

  • Correctly using: Moving Averages, Oscillators, Fibonacci Retracements, Resistance and Support Lines

  • Proper Trade Risk Management

  • and so much more…