Trend Following Course

This is a 5 part video course and accompanying eBook explaining in detail the essence of one of the greatest trading and investment strategies of all times: Trend Following.

Trend following is such a superb strategy because at its core it allows investors to participate and stay in major stock, index, commodity and currency trends using a rules-based approach to cut out emotions.

This course is designed to teach you the essence of trend following as a trading and investing strategy with a focus on risk managing trends of various durations..

More specifically, in this course you will learn:

  • Two excellent and time proven strategies for trend following and trend management
  • The ins and outs of trend following as a cornerstone strategy
  • Why trend following is where investors and traders get their big payoffs
  • Why trend following works
  • How to find strong trends worth participating in
  • How to stay in the trends without getting shaken out
  • The mental aspect of trend following
  • Trend following in multiple time frames
  • …and much more