Option Income Secrets Course

Option Income Secrets: The One Strategy that Consistently Generates Profits in any Market Condition

This is a 5 part video course and accompanying eBook explaining in detail the very best monthly options income-generating strategy that Serge has developed and fine-tuned over his career.

You will learn:

  • Why most investors fundamentally use options the wrong way

  • How to use options for monthly income generation

  • How this strategy makes money more than ? of the time

  • How this strategy can be used as a standalone strategy or as a supplemental strategy

  • How to switch your mindset and start thinking about ‘where the market is most likely Not To Go

  • Why perfect timing is Not Necessary for this strategy

  • Diversifying the strategy among sectors, industries and asset classes

  • Rolling options trades

  • Where to take profits and how to risk-manage the strategy for monthly income

  • and much more!