Dollar Correlation With Stocks

it's almost uncanny, check out this inverse correlation of the dollar index bs the s&p 500 on a 10 day 60 minute chart:

EUR/USD At Support Level

The dollar rallied further yesterday, bringing the EUR/USD back down to a multi-year trend line.  In early April the dollar pierced through a downward sloping trend line near 1.42 at the time and now is retesting these levels.  While this could provide some sort of support, our take is that the dollar's strength here, partially […]

Dollar Index Getting It Together Again

From the more 'recent' highs in the dollar index  back in June of last year, down to the following lows in December of last year, the dollar rallied back 50% and in January of this year found resistance…which also coincided with the 200 day moving average.  Given the technical pattern we predicted a downside price […]

EUR/USD At A Potentially Important Point

First blog post of the day here for me, so let me make it a quick one. See the chart below…the EUR/USD is at a three year downtrend line (resistance?).   I have no bias as to the next price move  here but that is not the point anyway…I am much more interested in looking […]

Silver Crash And More…Friday Afternoon Rambles

It's been a seriously tiring week and I for one am ready (and have been for a few hours) to put my keepe in a resting mode for a solid 36 hours at least. The S&P 500 as well asl the rest of the major equity indices had a volatile time to say the least. […]

EUR/CHF Breakout. What Does It Mean?

Note the break out of a 10 month downward-sloping trend line in the EUR/CHF exchange rate.  Not only that, but the Euro (EUR) is also crossint the 200 day moving average against the Swiss Franc (CHF) for the first time since October 2009.  While this may reflect the strength the Euro has  been exhuberating against […]