Is Gold Ready To Rally Again?

  We have all heard the numerous reasons to buy and hold gold.  They include: Hedge against geopolitical unrest Hedge against the sliding dollar Inflation and deflation hedge Diversification …and many more The trade I am looking at and hence the charts here are on the popular gold etf; GLD It’s no secret and the […]

Silver Looking More Constructive Again

We're playing this very carefully, but Silver did now construct a fairly solid bottom.  As of this morning it is moving up to the $35.80 mark again, which has served as resistance on a daily closing basis for the past nine trading days.  A move above that level could lead to higher levels. Gold is […]

Friday Afternoon Charting Fun: Gold

A little perspective on the move in gold should go a long way.   The inverse head and shoulder pattern that developed from November to March hit it's ultimate target almost to the dime near $153 (on the GLD).     After the recent 6.5% correction the GLD found support at the rising 50 day […]

Market Summary – April 27

This here is the martini-hour thoughts newsletter summary sent to premium members.  I am posting it today on the public blog  here as a sample, but without the charts.  Enjoy!     Wednesday, April 27                                                             Just as we wrote in the morning line-up letter, the morning ended up fairly boring in terms of pure […]

Copper Looking For Further Upside

I just wanted to reiterate this: Copper is often being looked to as a leading indicator for global economic growth.  Whether that's true this time around or not is fairly irrelevant for my note here.  Looking at the chart below I note a downward-trending channel that Copper is now looking to break out of to […]

Morning Update, SPX, Metals & More

  An early selloff led to a classic intraday double-bottom and ended up with a rally.  On the S&P500 daily charts we now have the 50 dma and the critical $1300 right here and looking at the overnight futures (up 0.75% right now) we might open above those two key levels.  Whether that ends up being a […]

Inverse Head And Shoulders Pattern In Gold?

Note the potential inverse head and shoulders pattern that setup in the GLD.  If this plays out textbook, the final profit target would be near $53 and a stop-loss could be set near $135.

Silver (SLV) Looking For Further Upside

After a two week 'resting' period silver and gold look ready to party at higher levels.  Look at the triangle-shaped consolidation pattern in the chart below.  I will be long at the market with stops at $33 and targets at $39.  It is of course possible this is some sort of double top, but given […]