Dollar Correlation With Stocks

it's almost uncanny, check out this inverse correlation of the dollar index bs the s&p 500 on a 10 day 60 minute chart:

Early Monday Morning Market Looksy

Ain't no shame in this game…and risk assets are tumbling early this morning in Europe. The dollar is a beast and ramping higher. Looking at a chart of the Euro Stoxx 50, note the support area at the 200 day moving average (blue line) that got violated to the downside today.  Also note the next […]

My Favorite Etrade TV Commercial!

with all the Etrade baby TV ads going around, I stick with an 'old-school' one as my favorirte:

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Early Monday Apr 11: Weekly Newsletter, Video & more

Good morning folks Hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for the beginning of earnings season.  In overnight action so far equity futures are up around 1/3 of a percent, silver up, gold and most of all oil are down. I sent out the weekly newsletter late last night. Sign up here if […]

Morning Line-Up

Good morning and happy Friday! After a fairly flat broader tape yesterday, we rise this morning to most things, dollar and treasuries aside, trading at higher prices.  The Euro continues its astonishing rally on the back of the rate-hike the other day.  Gold, silver, oil, and stocks are all up solidly ahead of what looks […]