US Airways On The Move

US Airways nice chart setup.  The stock broke out of a long-term resistance area yesterday on good volume.

The Bears

Are The Bears to Scared To Bounce? Just look at the simple chart of the S&P500 (SPY) below.  The fact remains that every single dip got bought more aggressively than the last one over the past .   After so many slaps to the head do you think the bears might just be a little shy to […]

Russell 2000

Russell 2000 Makes 2 Year High It was the last of the major indices  to make a new 2 year highs the past few trading days.  . .today it did.   And with this the market again proves just about everyone wrong as many called for the mid and large cap and technology stocks' lagging […]

The Steady Trader

The Steady Trader One of my brokers just alerted me that the spread between 2yr and 30yr treasury bonds are at an all time high of close to 400 basis points.   That led me to look at the spread between 2yr and 10yr bonds: around 280 bps…also very wide.   Two Questions; What does […]