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Multi-TimeFrame Trading & Investing: A Comprehensive Trading Plan (book title)

Trading and investing without a plan can be very risky and frustrating. Most traders and investors never learn this and many of them learn it too late. Don’t be one of them, consider The Steady Trader trading plan to help give you structure in your trading.

A trading plan first and foremost helps battle the biggest enemy in trading; emotions. By sticking to a clearly defined set of rules one eliminates trading with emotions and hence has the luxury to look at the market in a rational way. Once you have a set of rules and setups that work, and you stock to them, trading and investing becomes a game of probabilities.


What Makes This Trading Plan Special?

Trading in multiple timeframes

This sounds more complicated than it is. What trading in multiple timeframes simply means is that we take advantage of a few select straightforward trading setups in different timeframes that we refer to as ‘Buckets’:

• Bucket 1: Time Horizon of 1 day or less
o A few select intraday setups using the E-Mini S&P 500 futures contract as well as individual stocks
• Bucket 2: Time Horizon of 2 days to 3 weeks
o Trades in various mid and large cap stocks and ETFs, also possible via the options market
• Bucket 3: Time Horizon of 3 weeks to 6 months
o A bucket of long stocks and/or net short options trades in various mid and large cap stocks and ETFs


Trading Plan Content

  • 10 different high-probability trading and investing setups
  • 25 colorful charts describing each setup visually
  • How to setup your charts for each trade setup
  • Where to place profit limits and stop orders
  • How to manage risk in each trade setup
  • Rationale for each trading setup
  • Asset allocation guideline
  • Trading tips on psychology, money management, keeping score
  • …and much more!

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“I’m a big fan of your approach to trading using the multiple time-frames. I currently have short and long positions on with different time horizons and it really is helping the profits accumulate in my portfolio.” Henry Markowski – Orlando, Florida


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