The Steady Trader Signature Series

West Palm Beach
Mastermind Workshop

November 11-12, 2017

Presented by Serge Berger

What is The Steady Trader Mastermind Workshop?

The Steady Trader Signature Series Mastermind Workshop is a powerful 2-Day Hands-On bootcamp for self directed traders and investors of all skill level who want to take things to the next level by learning the skills, new strategies and trading tools to grow their accounts with consistency and accuracy.

Whether you are working full or part time, are retired or soon entering retirement, learning how to navigate and understand the markets is essential for success in the stock and other markets.

Just a Few Highlights of What’s in Store for You:

• Learn a straightforward and repeatable process to analyze markets to give you perspective and confidence

• Goal #1: Learn how to keep your money

• Goal #2: Make money from the markets

• How to find the two highest probability trades in the entire market, bar none

• The powerful 5-Minute Success Formula – how a full-time trader finds and analyzes winning trades

• Little-known secrets of how to obtain that highly-coveted true edge in the market over other market participants

• The hedge fund-level “Secret Sauce” that keeps you out of trouble and away from account-murdering drawdowns

• How to instantly scan the markets and discover the most powerful trade ideas in any time frame

• The proprietary “B2 Reversal Indicator” hardly anyone else knows about that can skyrocket your trading and investing success

This workshop is a full trader experience that includes intensive training sessions and LIVE trading with the Steady Trader’s Serge Berger in a real-time market.  You will learn different trading strategies so that you can trade in an up, down, or even a sideways market!

This 2-Day Workshop Also Trains You on the Following:

• How to find the best option trades with the highest profit potential and lowest risk

• How to spend less than an hour a day scanning, pinpointing the right trade, and putting your position on

• Create a trading plan that truly makes sense for your personal goals and lifestyle

• Identify the strategies and advice that will actually help you to trade the right market at the right time of day

• Implement a money management strategy for YOU to reach your ‘total trading/investing paradise’

Regular Price: $797 Reserve Your Seat Right Now for Only $297

Hi! Serge Berger here and I am thrilled that you have landed on this page to learn more about…

The Steady Trader’s next Signature Series Mastermind Workshop is being held on November 11-12 in West Palm Beach, Fla!

Online courses are great, but wouldn’t you rather spend a couple of days in a small group of like-minded individuals looking over the shoulders of a long time experienced trader?

That’s exactly what The Steady Trader’s Signature Series Mastermind Workshop is for!

Besides an amazing, one of its kind learning experience for traders looking to achieve consistent profitability, this is a great chance to meet, mingle and exchange ideas with fellow traders that could turn into lifelong friends.

I want YOU to join me in West Palm Beach this November!

What’s Included in This Workshop:

2 days of LIVE mentoring, coaching and trading plan/process building with Serge Berger.

For advanced students or those who want to get on the fast-track to become successful stock market operators, an in-person experience can do wonders in their development as a trader.

The ultimate trading and investing education experience with real-life and real time analysis and examples.

This lifestyle experience Includes bonus manual and workbook.

Bonus #1: New high probability strategy that worked like a charm in 2016 and 2017.

Bonus #2: Year-end stock market roadmap and how to trade it.

Select opportunities to become mentors/teachers of The Steady Trader Methodologies.

Workshop Itinerary

Friday Evening – November 10th

  • Cocktail Reception

Day 1 – November 11th (9 AM – 5 PM)

  • The two highest probability trades, period
  • Understanding the stock market, business cycles and seeing the big picture
  • Technical analysis – Part 1: The why and how and everything in between Best way to use moving averages, momentum oscillators, patterns, volume, Fibonacci analysis and much more
  • The 5 minute success formula Analyzing a trading opportunity within minutes
  • Options – Part 1 When to be a buyer of options When to be a seller of options Strategies
  • Trend following as a core trading strategy
  • Multi time-frame analysis Gaining perspective and advantage over other traders
  • Complimentary sandwich lunch

Day 2 – November 12th (9 AM – 5 PM)

  • Setting up your laptop/pc and mobile devices for trading Tools to use: software/websites/apps
  • Setting up your trading day – A systematic and repeatable approach to the markets is imperative for success
  • 45 minutes a day keep the doctor away The secret sauce that keeps you out of trouble and away from account drawdowns
  • Scanning for trade ideas – How to spot opportunity on a daily and weekly basis
  • The B2 Reversal Indicator Using the indicator properly Integrating the indicator in your daily and weekly research and trading routines
  • Technical analysis – Part 2: The highest probability trades – tips and tricks
  • Options – Part 2 Selling options for monthly/quarterly income
  • When to trade. When not to trade. Knowing when to sit on the sidelines and when to play is half the battle
  • Taking the emotions out of trading
  • Generating weekly/monthly cash flow using gaps The open gap trading strategy Using gaps in any time frame for effective trading and risk management
  • The Money Management Plan
  • Proper Risk Management to continue growing your account
  • Complimentary sandwich lunch

Regular Price: $797 Reserve Your Seat Right Now for Only $297


Courtyard West Palm Beach

Address: 600 Northpoint Parkway
West Palm Beach, FL 33407, United States

Website: Click Here

Phone: (561) 640-9000

*Special Group Discount for Attendees @ $179/night
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