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Large caps still stand out in lacklustre market

19/11/2014 Uncategorized  No comments


From a pure price action perspective within the S&P 500 I also note that 70% of its sectors are trading at all-time highs. While this is a bullish takeaway for trend followers and respecting that price is the ultimate arbiter for traders, the price action is also further straying from economic reality, which now firmly shows global growth slowing.

Read the full analysis here:

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Large caps stand out in lacklustre market…beware

17/11/2014 Uncategorized  No comments


Over the weekend I flipped through the AAII investor sentiment reading from this past week and noted that at nearly 58%, the bulls haven’t been this present since late 2010. As a contrarian indicator this doesn’t give me the warm and fuzzies, so to speak.

From a pure price action perspective within the S&P 500 I also note that 70% of its sectors are trading at all-time highs...

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Understanding the power of the doji candle

17/11/2014 Uncategorized  No comments


Even when markets move sideways there are important ‘things’ to detect for the aware trader. So called doji candles, or unchanged days tell us about buyer/seller balance and indecision. The more doji candles we see in a row the more powerful an eventual breakout/breakdown move. Currently we are seeing a series of doji candles in the S&P 500.

Watch the short video here:

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Walmart: Should You Buy or Short WMT Stock

14/11/2014 Uncategorized  No comments


Shares of retailer Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (WMT) rallied big Thursday following a mixed third-quarter earnings report. From a technical perspective, WMT stock staged a major breakout move that looks promising for the longer-term and also helped push the Dow Jones Industrial Average to fresh all-time highs.

In the near-term however I would caution buying Walmart stock here … and active traders and investors could even consider the short side after a confirmed bearish reversal marks the chart.


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