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“Serge did his usual great job at covering the current status of the market and his assessment of the risk/reward.”

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Subscriber John M:

Serge did his usual great job at covering the current status of the market and his assessment of the risk/reward.”

Watch the recording of Serge’s important webinar on ‘Why this year we sell in May and profit from the looming sell-off’



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Serge on the Benzinga PreMarket Show: Rates, the dollar and the Fed

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In Serge’s weekly Benzinga PreMarket Prep Show on Monday May 18th he discusssed the still dollar and interest-rate sensitive markets and how the real shock for stocks will likely come with the realization that the Fed wants to hike rates come hell or high water.

Listen to the recording HERE

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Serge filling in for the venerable Sam Collins: Market take for May 18

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From May 14 until May 22nd Serge is filling in for the venerable Sam Collins, sharing his daily market vibes to Sam’s large and loyal audience.

Serge has filled in for Sam Collins in the past and is honored to get the opportunity to step in again during Sam’s holiday respite by popular demand.

Read my Daily Market Outlook for May 18th HERE

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Which stocks to buy/sell due to dollar sell-off

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Most of 2015 thus far has been about moves in the US dollar and interest rates. The most recent acceleration lower in the dollar has brought about new opportunities (gold) and places to avoid (small caps)

Watch the short video HERE

Charts by eSignal


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