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Beware: Stocks seasonal weakness into mid-December

After displaying traditional seasonal strength into late November and possibly very early December, stocks this year again may see some weakness into the middle part of December. Tactically this may offer active investors and traders a chance to take some longs off... read more

The German DAX and that pesky 200 day moving average

Looking back at the gyrations of the German Dax index this year shows what a roller coaster it has been. While I shy away from using simple, single-factor models or analyses when it comes to markets, the key line in the sand for the Dax in 2015 has been a closely... read more

What to Expect From the S&P 500 Into Year-End

Fund managers and investors alike are asking themselves whether the year-to-date highs for the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust(SPY) are in the past or whether a Santa Claus rally could push us to marginal higher highs. While market breadth is about as weak as I have ever... read more

Serge Explains The Thanksgiving Trade

Thanksgiving week tends to be positive for markets, especially the Nasdaq 100. Black Friday shopping spree gives retailers a lift. Lower equities trading volume in Thanksgiving week tends to mean less volatility and a floating higher of stocks. The Nasdaq 100 can be... read more

Profit from the options expiration rally

The monthly options expiration rally phenomena with a few exceptions has worked out like a charm yet again in 2015. The trade is simple, buy stocks at the beginning of the week and sell into options expiration Friday or the following Monday. The strategy works... read more

Stock market update after last week’s sell-off

After the sharp October and early November rally US stocks last week finally took a breather and broadly closed lower in what so far from the bigger picture looks to be an orderly pullback. If we dig a little deeper under the surface however last week's drop also... read more

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"I have been delighted by the rational, prudent approach to trading using Serge’s technical analysis skills and combining long and short time frames for Bucket 1,2, & 3 trades.
I enjoy the daily & weekly reports offering 2-3 trade ideas. Learning patience for trading is a must and you communicate it well. Keep up the great work!"

Patti, California:

"Since I’ve been a subscriber I’ve benefited from many profitable trades and I have learned so much from Serge in the chat room. I also love the blog updates which keep me up to date when I am unable to follow along in the chat room. Thanks Serge. I hope to be a subscriber for many years to come!"

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