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Trading the range in the indices

20/10/2014 Uncategorized  No comments


With two weeks to go Halloween, things in the US equity market have gotten increasingly quirky if not downright spooky. The week ahead looks to be somewhat lighter on economic data, but as we find ourselves in the middle of earnings season, investor reactions to these numbers will surely keep traders on their toes.

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Stocks: Let the Dragon Breathe

16/10/2014 Uncategorized  No comments


“Risk happens fast”. It’s a saying many market participants have heard of, yet when looking at most risk profiles (and thus portfolio drawdowns) during times of increased volatility, most traders and active investors don’t seem to respect this old adage nearly enough.

What has worked for the past few years in US equities — blindly buying the dips — suddenly stopped working quite so well this week and last as major support lines got snapped quicker than most traders were willing to react.


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New 5 Star review for The Steady Trader

14/10/2014 Uncategorized  No comments


New 5 Star review for The Steady Trader

“5 – Very good information and direction. I also like the personal notes. That makes it seem more real.”

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Stocks: Panic sets in

13/10/2014 Uncategorized  No comments

Last week was a tricky one for US stocks as volatility picked up. After some outsized moves last Friday, it’s now time to assess and make a plan for the week ahead.
In the bigger picture, after five years of low interest policies in the US, Europe and Japan, the relative hawkishness from the Federal Reserve may cause volatility in US stocks to lift and stay elevated.

In general, when volatility spikes as it did last week (see the CBOE Volatility Index below), it pays to be patient, reduce posit...

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