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An Alternate Way to Leverage Your Stock

31/03/2015 Uncategorized  No comments


Options are a favorite tool for investors to gain leverage yet most people don’t understand the complexity of those instruments. An alternate way to gain leverage on a specific sector/group of stocks is to find stocks with lower absolute prices, yet with plenty of volume and transparency.

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Stocks are running in circles

30/03/2015 Uncategorized  No comments

ny cab
US stocks fell last week with the S&P 500 closing lower by more than 2% as investors used the quarter-end “excuse” to take profits in the few things that worked higher in the first three months of the year.
In the bigger sense, US equities continue to pave a path of maximum frustration for directional investors, which is to say that they are running in circles with the S&P 500 higher by “just” 0.60% year-to-date.
There are pockets of relative strength to focus around however…
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Serge is looking to buy the dip in the Russell 2000

26/03/2015 Uncategorized  No comments


Wednesday was an ugly day for stocks, as a real risk-off day smashed many parts of the market. We can blame the damage on quarter-end selling, which in turn led to margin calls and forced selling … but the fact is that U.S. equities remain in a choppy environment.

As such, the path of maximum frustration for stock investors in 2015 remains intact. However, the bigger picture — looking out a few weeks to a couple of months — actually looks promising for stocks.

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Serge warned traders not to chase the German Dax higher

26/03/2015 Uncategorized  No comments


On Tuesday Serge practically begged traders not to chase the German Dax 30 higher after a history bull run. Let it consolidate, better support is 5% – 10% off the highs.

Watch the quick video HERE

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