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Lower Highs Ahead for Stocks?

According to market chatter, in our view too many people see this recent 'correction' in stocks as just a garden variety one that will be no different to the likes of what we have seen in recent years. In our view volatility is here to...

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Adhering to Stop Losses

Adhering to stop losses is rule #1 for successful traders, particularly in volatile markets. Here is why and how...

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A Major Stock Market Signal

Some stock market signals are so powerful that if they are ignored risk of missing out on major profits or of big losses is extremely high. A major breakaway gap qualifies as one such ultra-strong...

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Is The 2018 Stock Market Crash Over?

It has been a volatile few days for the stock market to be sure. I am currently getting inundated with questions as to whether or not the stock market crash is over.

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Why Markets Correct

From slow and steep moves in markets come fast moves (corrective periods). The latest example of this is currently playing out in the stock market. This concept is of great importance and it should keep you from chasing steep/vertical...

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The biggest stock market risk

One of the single biggest risks to this stock market could be the young age of staff at both buy side and sell side trading desks. So you know, many of them have never seen a bear market nor real...

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