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Two Great Ways To Lose Money

While there are many ways to lose money in the stock market, two of the best ways are by fighting trends and trading choppy sideways markets.

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Is The Nasdaq 100 Toast?

Is The Nasdaq 100 Toast? Not so fast Larry, but allow me to shed some light on a couple of concerning point about these mega cap tech stocks and their potential risks to the broader stock...

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How to deal with a breakout fake-out

One of the more frustrating things that happens to traders is when a perceived 'breakout' quickly reverses back in the other direction, leaving the trader holding the proverbial bag. In this video I show you way of dealing with this...

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Why Trading Is So Hard Part 1

Understanding and more importantly embracing the randomness of markets is a key factor to success as a trader. THIS IS IMPORTANT!...

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How to determine profit targets

Have you ever struggled to determine a reasonable profit target on your trades? Here's a simple trick that I use for a conservative first profit target....

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Profitable Traders Do This

Profitable traders are patient traders. An easy way to lose money trading is by chasing stocks up or down. With this simple but effective exercise I show you in this video you will immediately become more patient.  ...

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