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My favorite chart right now

My absolute favorite chart right now isn't a stock, index, currency or commodity. So what is it? Watch the video now.

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This pattern tells it all

Profitable traders have their favorite 'chart patterns' they follow, but more importantly they know how to interpret investor emotions and positioning within those patterns. For me, one pattern signals this better than most patterns. Watch...

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You must watch this index

Not all indices are created equal. A large part of the trading and investing community is focused on the market capitalization weighted S&P 500 index, which often disports what is truly happening in the stock market. Allow me to suggest...

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I call bull… on this market

There is always a bull market somewhere. Even in this mostly sideways choppy stock market of the past couple of weeks there are juicy bullish opportunities. Let me show you my process. Watch the video now.

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