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Consider this type of trade

Not all types of trades are created equal. Good traders know how to structure a trade based on each specific criteria. Here is one variety of trades to consider. Watch today's video (vlog) Check my 'Options Income Secrets' course: https://thesteadytrader.com/products/...

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A Hedge Fund Told Me This

I speak with dozens of smart money traders and investors each week. Last week I visited one of the smartest  hedge funds I know and they told me this... Watch today's video (vlog) ... oh, and check my new drone footage Take a $7 Trial of Serge's Exclusive Clubhouse...

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Trade Smart, Not Hard

Ask any handful of people and they will tell you that more time spent in front of the computer should lead to better trading results. I beg to differ. Watch today's video (VLOG) Join the next Mastermind Workshop in Arlington Texas: May 11 & 12. More info...

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Three Trends to Follow

Sure, it's been a choppy stock market year-to-date under the surface but a very simple 'trend following' strategy in just a few stocks could have given you an outperforming portfolio. Let me show you... Watch today's video (VLOG) Live in London England? Meet up with...

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Anatomy of a Multi-Thousand Dollar Options Income Trade

What does a multi-thousand dollar profit trade look like and how does it come about? Watch the anatomy of such a trade. Watch today's video (VLOG) Options Income Secrets Webinar - April 11th  - Register HERE Live in London England? Meet up with Serge anytime between...

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Time to freak out?

A couple of stock market scares over the past two weeks has quick traders chasing every tick higher and lower. In reality we remain largely range-bound. Watch today's VLOG. Live in London England? Meet up with Serge anytime between April 13 - 18. Leave a comment below...

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