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Why stocks are rallying so strongly

The divergence between economic reality and the stock market has hardly ever been wider than at present. Understanding why this is goes a long way in assuming a profitable posturing in the markets. Watch the video now.

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Is the tech trade over for now?

Mega cap tech stocks have been leading US stocks higher for an extended period of time. While this certainly can continue in the longer run, price action of late is suggesting we may soon see rotation out of tech.

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As good as it gets for FB stock?

Facebook (FB) stock rallied 70% since mid-March, which led to a 'chart breakout' earlier this week. Is this now as good as it gets for FB bulls?

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Stocks are likely capped for the time being

A v-shaped recovery of the stock market, much less of the economy is improbable at the moment for various reasons, even with a covid-19 vaccine. For stocks this likely means they are capped for the time being. Watch the video now.

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This is the best possible environment for this asset

Risk assets, in particular equities seem exuberant regarding the economy going forward. Personally I see subpar reward to risk for equities...but one asset class could shine in this environment. I discussed this with IG TV. Watch the short...

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