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The Single Most Important Chart to Watch

I have been asked what I consider to be the single most important chart to watch at present for clues to the stock market. In this video I will show you what that single chart is and how I narrowed it down to this chart using my repeatable trading and investment...

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General Electric (GE) Stock: What Now?

General Electric (GE) announced a major restructuring and cut its dividend in half. The stock is now as a result undergoing a major phase transition. Watch the video for what this means and how one can profit from this. If you are interested in the TST Vertical X Pro...

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Is this the top…?

After one of the lowest September - October periods for the US stock market the S&P 500 may already have seen its version of the year-end rally. Selectivity is likely to increase. Join me for the '4th Quarter Investing and Trading Themes Update webinar: Monday...

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Could this happen next…?

The case for a year-end rally in stocks remains in tact (albeit maybe from lower levels). However, on this all hallows eve investors and traders alike would be wise to prepare for what the risk could be should such a rally treat not manifest but rather should the...

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average Signals ‘Overbought’

The DOW on October 18th pushed above the 23,000 mark for the first time ever, which brought the year-to-date rally of the DIA etf to 19%. IBM was the latest contributor to this great up-swing in the index but the index now signals near-term overbought. Watch the...

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