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The B2 Reversal indicator

The B2 Reversal Indicator is a powerful trading and investing indicator that works in any time frame and any asset class. High probability buy and sell signals represented by easy-to-read up and down arrows flash on the charts.

The indicator searches for the highest probability of trades in accordance to Serge’s time-tested trading and investing approach: Bullish and bearish reversals, breakouts, trend continuation trades, and more.

Combined with the B2 Reversal Scanner, this indicator allows active investors and traders to focus on what matters most, executing high probability trades.

The B2 Reversal Indicator and Scanner dramatically reduces stocks, index, futures, and currency trading scanning time. In just minutes per day you can scan the markets and walk away with great high probability trading setups that otherwise would take hours to find.

Ultimate Candlestick Bootcamp

The ultimate candlestick bootcamp (UCB) is an 11 part video-series trading course and 30 page e-book that will teach you Serge’s high probability trading and active investing strategies which he has learned and perfected over his nearly twenty years as a trader. These are some of the same powerful trading methods that professional traders such as banks, prop firms, and hedge funds use around the world in their daily trading activities.

No information is held back:

You will learn a highly profitable and repeatable trading and active investment process that fits your lifestyle. Serge will show you how to consistently find the highest probability points to buy any given stock, index, commodity or currency.

You will learn:

  • How to Nail Reversals by Correctly Reading Investor Sentiment & Emotions using Candles and more
  • The Powerful Rocket Launch and Gravity Pull Setups
  • The Secret to Proper Multi-Timeframe Analysis
  • The Importance of Confluence Zones
  • Correctly using: Moving Averages, Oscillators, Fibonacci Retracements, Resistance and Support Lines
  • Proper Trade Risk Management
  • and so much more…

Option Income Secrets Course

Option Income Secrets: The One Strategy that Consistently Generates Profits in any Market Condition

This is a 5 part video course and accompanying eBook explaining in detail the very best monthly options income-generating strategy that Serge has developed and fine-tuned over his career.

You will learn:

  • Why most investors fundamentally use options the wrong way
  • How to use options for monthly income generation
  • How this strategy makes money more than 80% of the time
  • How this strategy can be used as a standalone strategy or as a supplemental strategy
  • How to switch your mindset and start thinking about ‘where the market is most likely Not To Go
  • Why perfect timing is Not Necessary for this strategy
  • Diversifying the strategy among sectors, industries and asset classes
  • Rolling options trades
  • Where to take profits and how to risk-manage the strategy for monthly income
  • and much more!

Trend Following Course

This is a 5 part video course and accompanying eBook explaining in detail the essence of one of the greatest trading and investment strategies of all times: Trend Following.

Trend following is such a superb strategy because at its core it allows investors to participate and stay in major stock, index, commodity and currency trends using a rules-based approach to cut out emotions.

This course is designed to teach you the essence of trend following as a trading and investing strategy with a focus on risk managing trends of various durations.

In this course you will learn:

  • Two excellent and time proven strategies for trend following and trend management
  • The ins and outs of trend following as a cornerstone strategy
  • Why and how trend following is where investors and traders get their big payoffs
  • Why trend following works
  • How to easily find strong trends to ride for big profits
  • How to stay in the trends without getting shaken out
  • The mental aspect of trend following
  • Trend following in multiple time frames
  • and much more!

Trading The Gap

When a stock or index gaps higher or lower it is making an important statement. Few active investors and traders ever learn the true power of understanding how to use these air pockets (gaps) in stock prices to their advantage.

This course teaches market participants specific methods for profiting from the different gap types in all time frames as well as how to use them to gain perspective on any given stock, index, etf or other asset classes.

This course also teaches traders how to generate cash-flow applying a straightforward and repeatable daily gap trading strategy.

The gap indicator and stock scanner tool allows traders to quickly and efficiently find new gaps on a daily basis and categorize them. Use this tool to find daily gap trading opportunities as well as other gaps that provide juicy trading opportunities in near, intermediate as well as longer-term time frames.

  • Gaps – How to profit from some of the best opportunities in the stock market
  • How to quickly and efficiently categorize any given gap and place the right trade
  • The cash-flow trade: A powerful and straightforward Daily Gap trading strategy
  • Use the proprietary gap indicator and scanner tool to quickly spot trading opportunities in all time frames

Complete Market Mastery Course for Trading Stocks & Options

The Complete Market Mastery Course for Trading Stocks & Options is one of the most comprehensive courses we offer.
This training covers the 3-step process to quickly determine the market environmentand notice when it changes….when to trade a stock, option, or ETF….how to properly set up your charts…position sizing…key technical patterns and when and how to trade them.
• Extensive Video series
• Market Scanners Lists – quickly find opportunities in any time frame
• Master the top down approach – zoom in on market opportunities
• Learn what moves markets and what to focus on!
• Stock sector and group analysis; large cap vs small cap, growth vs value

Stock Market Playbook

The Stock Market Playbook is a fully comprehensive course that includes 17 video modules (15 min 60 in each), 4 PDFs that are a breakdown of my 21 market studies PLUS my proprietary B2 Reversal Indicator.

The B2 Indicator is a complimentary indicator and is built to provide signals on your chart and/or watch lists. It works on all time frames and on all asset classes. The B2 is currently available on the following platforms: ThinkorSwim, eSignal, TradeStation, & NinjaTrader.

Course Highlights:

• Advanced Stock Market Scanning Strategies
• Sector & Group Analysis
• Cross Asset Analysis: Gaining Market Perspective Like a Pro
• Ratio Charts: The Keys to the Profit Kingdom
• Risk Management & Avoiding Portfolio Draw-downs
• …and much more!

Market Rover

The Market Rover Pro dashboard is first in class when it comes to delivering cutting edge and laser-focused trade ideas and strategies….nothing is left unturned.   Market Rover is a complete dashboard at your fingertips to help YOU navigate the global markets.  Our proprietary trend scanners identify when sectors, groups, ETFs, & stocks change trends….to help keep you on the right side of the market.

This is your tool for a highly profitable, repeatable trading & investing process…quit fumbling around in the market and become a Market Rover Pro today!

  • Quickly and efficiently gain perspective on the market.

  • Real time pop-up trade idea alerts

  • Get alerted to trend changes in stock sectors and groups.

  • Hone in on actionable high probability trading ideas with a few mouse clicks.

  • Find high probability buy and sell/short ideas on stocks and ETFs. Web-based. Accessible from anywhere