Here's what James Altucher wrote he learned from his communication with Stevie Cohen from SAC:" A) Go for it. If you want to work for someone. Email them today. B) Be persistent. Make sure you have something to say: but say it every month. Until they respond. At some point if you deliver enough value, they will respond.
C) Research. I knew everything about Cohen before my meeting with him. I had planned, prepared, researched everything I could so that I could leave that meeting with my goal intact: a followup

D) The One Person Rule. Never have your happiness dependent on a yes or no decision from one person. At the very least: diversify the people who are important enough to do that.

E) Bad day. When you have a bad day, the professionals just roll with it and keep the same emotional demeanor as the good days.

F) Stay in the game: This I didn’t do. I should’ve kept IMing trades. I should’ve somehow stayed in the game. I let shame get the better of me. "

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