One Chart To Sum It All Up

The thing to remember about today's trade is that A) the world is interconnected by the banks and derivatives and B) that many more institutions and individuals these days own multiple asset classes.   Regarding point A, this means that the mortgage default in Florida affects a Swedish bank as much as it could affect […]

Initial Signs Of A Longer Dollar Rally

I know I know, a 1% up-move in the dollar index and people are getting all dollar bullish again.  Our job here is to look for clues and remain impartial and vigilant as we meander through this jungle calle the market.  One of the clues I tend to look for are key reversal signals using […]

Copper At Potential Support Level

Copper just bolted down to its 200 day moving average (red line), which could act as a level of support, if only for a bounce.  Watch it here because if it jumps higher that could also be a positive for stocks.

Clues To A Further Market Rally Could Be In The Financials

After speaking about the XBD to several people the past two days it dawned on me that there may be a misconception about what the components of this index are.  As the name of the index indicates, it focuses on broker/dealers…and that does not include banks like JPMorgan for example.   For starters, here are […]