You want to make your money work harder for you, you want to reap the wonderful benefits of being an active investor or trader…but you lead a busy life. While active investing is a lifestyle, you don’t have to turn your existing lifestyle upside down to fit it in. Being organized, having a plan and having your broker or research apps properly set up on your mobile device are of crucial importance. Mobile investing/trading apps as well as the hardware ( #iphone#ipad ) have only been good enough to really use well over the past twelve to twentyfour months. Now these wonderful tools allow anyone serious about active investing to do a good part of the work on the go. The thinkorswim app by TD Ameritrade is a good app to start and one that I use as well.       #thinkorswim   #tdameritrade  +TD Ameritrade

Watch the short video:

miami pooledited2

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