McDonald’s Corporation (MCD) stock has surged nearly 30% this year, and with Tuesday’s 1.11% lift, MCD stock has reached my near- to medium-term price target of $120.

To be sure, McDonald’s stock continues to be supported by several factors, including a turnaround story that is believable and visible … as well as a somewhat defensive nature of its business. However, for the near-term, MCD shares look overbought — and active investors and traders should be taking profits and rebuying on dips.

I last discussed McDonald’s stock on Oct. 15, and said that the still-negative public view of the restaurant chain also was reflected in investor pessimism on the stock, and didn’t reflect the realities of a turnaround plan that was well on its way and working well. From a new and better tasting menu to operational upgrades, McDonald’s implemented big and noticeable changes in 2015 — and I see this continuing to act as tailwind for MCD stock going forward.

All in all, I’m pretty bullish — on McDonald’s as a company, its turnaround story and how it fits into a slower-economic-growth environment.

However …

As a risk manager, I also like to take at least partial profits in stocks when a) my near- to medium-term price targets are met, and b) overbought technical readings become severe. All of this will allow me to put capital back to work in the stock at lower prices.

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