My favorite trade right now…it’s a pairs trade Some of my favorite trades to put on are what I call ‘relative trades,’ also known as pair trades. This one I am currently involved in could have legs for a long while. Watch the video. A GATHERING OF SOME OF THE GREATEST TRADING AND INVESTMENT MINDS IN THE MARKET. SHARPEN YOUR INVESTMENT SKILLS […]

Oil headed toward $80

The tailwinds for the price of oil are notable and from a structural perspective many if not most investors are still underweight the energy sector of stocks. We see oil heading toward $80 per barrel.

What if Ray Dalio is right about this market…?

Major institutional investors and increasingly voicing their thoughts about a new asset class becoming a partial alternative to the fixed income, i.e. bond market. We are seeing the same with our client network…and it could lead to massive moves higher in this new asset class. Watch the video.

We are bullish these two ETFs and related commodities Both oil and silver (or their related ETFs or single name stocks) in our view have plenty of tailwinds working for themselves at this juncture. Significantly higher price levels appear likely through a multi-quarter lens. But even from a trading perspective these are interesting setups.

The key indicator to watch for the end of the tech rally

Technology stocks, in particular the Nasdaq 100 (QQQ) etf has been on a dramatic relative and absolute outperformance rally for as long as many investors can remember. This one key indicator is now signaling a likely end of the relative outperformance for time being.

Don’t chase these charts! The crazy rallies in stocks like Gamestop (GME) and Bed Bad & Beyond (BBBY) of late is commensurate with the increase we are seeing in margin debt and short-dated call option buying. This is yet another short term market warning I would like to make you aware of. Risk is high for coming weeks.

5 Scary Charts Everyone Needs To See While we remain constructive risk assets such as growthier equities here in the first couple of quarters of 2021, the back half of the year and possibly going into 2022 will likely bring about a reality check. Please be aware of these 5 scary charts…

Overbought Alert! Stocks and other risk assets are having another great start to the year. While we remain constructive through the first quarter or so of 2021, in the immediate to near term things are getting frothy. Small caps, semiconductors and many more are reaching notable overbought readings.

Gold is range bound but readying a big move Earlier this week I sat down with IG’s Victoria Scholar to discuss our outlook on gold, bank stocks around earnings, shares of TWTR and DKNG