Devon Energy is Setting Up Bullish (Video Market Update) The energy sector of stocks remains on top of our radar for bullish opportunities into the fourth quarter. Within this complex, shares of Devon Energy (DVN) are increasingly looking ripe for another mover higher after a multi-month consolidation phase.

Another Couple Weeks of ‘Volatility’ (Video Market Update)

After a little market volatility over the past couple of weeks we are getting closer to what we think could be an appetizing buying opportunity for risk assets such as stocks into the fourth quarter. We may however have to get through another couple of weeks of volatility first.

Buying Opportunity after Evergrande Default Risk (Video Market Update)

In most ways, given the information we have so far, China’s Evergrande company default risk is unlikely to be the next global contagion risk like Lehman Brothers was. In fact, we think that after the Chinese government steps in, this could provide us the next good buying opportunity for risk assets into the fourth quarter.

Is the oil stocks breakout for real? (Market Video Update)

After several months of muted sideways action, oil and energy related stocks finally saw a notable up-day on Wednesday Sept 15th. While one day does not make a trend, the move is worth watching closely for a new potential trend higher.

SPY short/hedge update (Video Market Update)

Stocks have been a slippery slope thus far in September and while this doesn’t mean everything has to fall apart from here (definitely not our base case), market internals are weakening somewhat. Here’s an update on our short/hedge position in the S&P 500 SPY etf.

A simple short on the SPY (Market Video Update)

With the S&P 500 up 20% year to date and seasonal volatility in September and October a threat, a simple short position in the SPY (or long puts) is an idea worth thinking about, if only for a hedge.