Technology Sector vs The S&P 500

As I scoured the S&P 500 sectors over the weekend in search of the'easiest' hedge/short I came accross the technology sector (as measured by the SPDR Technology Sector ETF XLK) and noticed the following: 1. While the XLK is currently still 10% off the 2007 highs, it did put in a more than solid performance […]

Apple (AAPL) Chart Getting Back On Its Feet

I have had a position of short calls at the 400 strike on the book for the majority of 2011 and am closing them today for good profits.  While the trade has another 30% of profits to go, I am seeing the chart of AAPL starting to look good again and hence prefer to take […]

Apple (AAPL) Was The Clue To The Late-Day Sell-Off

As discussed yesterday, AAPL was the main stock I watched today for clues whether the market will hold up today.  Sure enough, after a failed sell-off attempt late morning, AAPL spent the second half of the afternoon letting sellers dictate the market.  Technically today's price action was pretty meaningless for AAPL as well as for […]

Apple (AAPL) Is Setting Up For A Long and A Short Trade

Apple (AAPL) has been making lower highs and lower lows over the past six weeks or so, as noted on the daily chart below.  Why is this important?  AAPL is one of the most widely held stocks and as such one of the most widely followed companies.  Its stock price for the past few years […]

Watching Apple (AAPL) At A Crucial Level

Apple (AAPL) doesn't need much introduction so I will skip that part of the analysis.  And exactly because everybody knows the company, follows it, and it carries a 1.9% weighting in the S&P 500 it is worth watching closely.  Case in point, yesterday's announcement that Steve Jobs will hold the keynote address at the upcoming […]