JPMorgan (JPM) Chart Looking Up

Much more constructive the chart of JPM here.  A daily close above the blue downtrend line may lead us to go long for a trade.

Quick End Of Day S&P 500 Chart Looksy

Silver was about the most exciting thing happening today while stocks slapped around the unchanged mark, at least as measured by the broader indices.   As such the SPX is still right at the resistance area near the 1337 area.  This week is sure to bring some action soon enough with earnings, FOMC meeting, and […]

Morning Look At The S&P500 Chart

Last Thursday the S&P 500 held right at the breakout level, 50% retracement, and 21 day exponential moving average of $1336.  Friday's Doji candle and yesterday's constructive bounce (albeit on low volume) is making this chart look fairly stable again.  The best thing about it however is that all we need is one meaningfull selloff […]

The ‘USO’ Oil ETF Has Major Resistance At $42.30 for Now

The 'USO' Oil ETF has major resistance at $42.30 for now.  I am taking some profits here but do believe prices could rise much further after some consolidation.  Keep this one front and center as it's likely to move the market for some time.