Anadarko above $81 Might Have More Upside

  The current juncture in the markets, with earnings season running wild, the debt ceiling to be decided on, and the fury of issues in Europe don’t make it very favorable to buy stocks for medium-term investors in my opinion.  And while the sidelines may be a safer place to sit, it is worth pointing […]

Chesapeake Energy Following-Through To The Downside

CHK is following-through to the downside after falling out of a consolidation wedge last week Tuesday (April 12) (read here  We discussed price targets in the morning newsletter today and are managing the position accordingly in the chat-room.  Our first target price is $31.

Energy Sector Getting Top Heavy Here

  There is no doubt that the tape is feeling heavier since last week's sell-off.    One of the sectors that is feeling particularly heavy is the energy sector.  I always feel that partticularly for ETFs that nowadays get thrown around as if they are an individual stock, it is particularly important to be aware […]