Are Credit Card Companies Back On Investors’ Radar?

Visa (V), American Express (AXP), and Mastercard (MA) have continually alerted me with juicy shorter-term chart patterns as of late, so I decided it’s time to take a closer look at the fundamental side of things on credit card companies, and I found some good stuff. In the Mastercard example, credit volume is on the rise and international growth is […]

Quick Bucket 1 Trade on Visa For Today

I bought a small position in Visa stock earlier this morning as the chart seems to hold up and I could imagine this as a go to name in the last few hours of trading this quarter.  If it doesn't work, my stop is at yesterday's low.  As a profit target I have $75.90.  This […]

Market Day Summary May 2nd

The day started with exuberance and joy from the news about BinLadin's death and ended up selling off.  Silver got hammered to the tune of 9ish% and major U.S. equity indices sold off roughly 1/5th of a percent each…except the NDX, whch stayed flat. For our part we made good money short Silver be entering […]