Taking Profits In OpenTable (OPEN) Short

On May 4th OpenTable (OPEN) offered us a great opportunity for a classic 'short calls' Bucket 3 strategy after the stock dropped hard due to earnings.  As expected the stock never saw the pre-earnings levels again and the calls that we sold are now worth a mere 5% of where we sold them at.  So, […]

Open Table (OPEN) Defined Risk For A Short

Yesterday I blogged about OPEN's weak price action (http://steadytrader.wpengine.com/short-opportunity-in-open-table-open/).   While there is support at the $103 mark, yesterday's sell-off left an ugly looking outside (engulfing candlestick) bar.  I am putting this short in bucket 2, specifically with a time-frame of no more than 3 days as I am looking for some follow-through of yesterday's […]

Short Opportunity In Open Table (OPEN)

I see an opportunity for a quick bucket 2 short-side stab in OPEN . Today left an ugly looking bar on both daily and weekly chart after a downgrade from Citi. Stops could be placed around $109 and a profit target near $100.

Open Table (OPEN) Option Trade

After announcing earnings last night, as well as the departure of their current CEO/President, the stock is getting punished today…currently down about 14% on the day.  The stock rose almost 400% from the beginning of 2010 to just last week and sports a current P/E of 155. As such the stock certainly was and still […]