Research In Motion Gap-Fill Potential Still Valid

Research in Motion (NASDAQ: RIMM), the famed maker of Blackberry devices on Monday August 15 received a nice boost from the market gods and rallied 10.40% for the day.  The culprit? Google!  On August 15th Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) announced its acquisition of Motorola Mobility (NYSE: MMI), which they paid a 63% premium for.  Why?  It’s all […]

Interesting Longer-Term Research In Motion Chart

As a follow-up to my post on Research In Motion from earlier today (, here is a multiyear chart of RIMM.  We are noting to subscribers the 2.5 year long trading channel and subsequent lower highs and lower lows.  Should RIMM be determined to remain in this channel and test the lower end of the channel, […]

Update on Research In Motion (RIMM)

Yesterday we started analyzing a potential trade in RIMM to the long side, see the blog entry here: After hours yesterday RIMM came out with a fairly smelly profit warning for the current quarter, bringing the per share profit estimates down to between 1.30 – 1.37 from the previous estimates of 1.47-1.55.  That's about a […]

Research In Motion (RIMM) Looking At Gap Fill

RIMM has been one of our prominent shorts for the past few weeks, and a position we finally closed early this week.  The technical pattern in play was a classic head and shoulders pattern with a final target at $51 (note the dotted blue neckline on the chart).  The stock seemed to have run out […]

Research In Motion Still Sliding Lower. My Profit Targets:

I've rambled about this over the picturesque head & shoulders pattern in RIMM.  In the daily newsletters and chat-room we've actively managed this position and are slowly taking profits.  Next area of profit taking is around $52.50, with a final hurray closer to the $50 mark.  Scaling into and out of positions, that's how we […]

Research In Motion (RIMM) Upside To Fill The Gap

  Shares of handheld device maker Research In Motion (NASDAQ: RIMM) have taken a hard stumble since its most recent high back in February.  The stock fell from $70.54 all the way down to a $28.82 in mid June and as such is currently back at levels last seen in 2006.  Of course some of […]

Update on Research In Motion (RIMM) Short

On Monday I wrote about a head and shoulders setup in RIMM with a profit  target near  $51.  See here: Today RIMM is rallying to the tune of 2.50% as of this writing, and as such is putting a feelski on the 200 day moving average (red line) from below (no pun intended).  I am […]

Research In Motion (RIMM) Head & Shoulders Playing-Out

As discussed early morning today in the pre-market morning video (, RIMM is in the progress of playing out a classic head & shoulders pattern.  See chart below.  The target is just north of $51.  Several things make this head & shoulders pattern nice in RIMM.  Note the consolidation period around the 200 day moving […]

Closing Research In Motion (RIMM) Short

Folks, we just closed (i.e bought back the out of the money calls we sold a while back) our short in RIMM.  We discussed opening this trade HERE and HERE.  Now that our profit target near the $40 area, and at the bottom of the long-term downward sloping channel has been reached we feel taking risk […]