reduced size in MS bucket 2 long trade

we just reduced the size in our bucket 2 long trade in MS weekend risk is way too big we would rather miss an opportunity than take a chunky loss we may close the rest of the position by the end of the day…  

the world held ransom by greece

its amazing that a 'small' country like greece can hold the entire world ransom that's the dark side of globalization we will try to close out or MS trade at some point today…risk into the weekend is way too big.  we don't like to flip bucket 2 stuff this quickly but these current times require […]

Open Positions Nov 4

Symbol Open D Direction Sectors Avg Entry Stop Target 1               UA 25-Oct short cons cyc 81 87.50 70 WYNN 31-Oct short cons cyc 133.13 141 128 MS 3-Nov Long Fins 16.97 15.9 19.5 We currently only have bucket 2 positions open for purposes of discussions here.

Morning Thoughts Friday November 4

After two days of extreme uncertainty stocks yesterday managed to put together a solid rally.  A little more visibility out of Europe as Greece cancelled its referendum coupled with a rate cut from the European Central Bank inspired investors to buy some stocks, or at least cover some shorts.  When it was all set and […]