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Thanks Serge for the Nordstrom Call Credit Spread trade recommendation. Exited today with a 40% profit.

Antonio Chavez

Great product, received my subscription fee back on the first trade. Looking forward to a great year.

Bill Corso

Great product. Love the insight.

Holds up to its name “The Steady Trader”

Richard Melgarjo

I really appreciate the commentary and dedication every day. It is clear that Serge puts his heart into this. Thank you, Serge…

Steve B

I trade options, and I can say that using Serge’s analysis and his trade positions as option plays, his summary allows you understand the trade in depth without too much or too little background.

On my first day, I posted my trades open and closing prices, and netted $400.

The service Serge provides is excellent, as Serge does not fight the tape, rather finds the trades that make sense.

Vincent St. John

Serge is one of the best technical analysts I follow. He helps keep me in sync with the market’s trend.

I view 100% of his email alerts, daily.

Brian Susskind

The Steady Trader is one of the best products on advisory services for trading.

Serge does a great job


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I am a new CSA member and just closed my first credit spread on DIS for a profit of 9% in six days. Off to a great start! Martin K

The Inner Circle is a great service, I’ve been in plenty over the last 10 years and this is definitely the best community.

Robert Breslin

I’m nearing the end of my initial quarterly membership in the Inner Circle and wanted to publicly thank Serge and Brian for such an excellent service. 

I love it!  

I retired two years ago and one of the reasons that I’ve been actively trading the last few years is to make enough money to get back into the housing market after 13 years of renting.  Just last week we came across a really great property with multiple homes here on the island of Bonaire.  It will take some work, but the investment will generate a return comparable (or better) than the stock market, since it has additional rental income.  Unfortunately, I will have to largely deplete my trading account to make this happen.  That, combined with needing to work full time on the renovation, will take me away from active trading for a while. 

So thank you Serge and Brian and also to the rest of you who make it enjoyable to be a part of this chat room (even though I’m largely in the background).  But I plan to be back in the future, so this isn’t “goodbye” but rather “see you later”.

Rob Wiens

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@Serge, took a gain of 33% on the small HLT July 110-120 call! Thank you again.

Nagesh Tavarageri

Thanks Serge for IWM put runners, sold  230 April 16th for a double!!

Jim Blauvelt

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