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Hey Traders and Investors

2016 is destined to once again be challenging for the ‘buy & hold’ crowd. After a year of consolidation in 2015, the coming year will likely see significantly higher volatility with the chance of a 20% – 30% correction in the broader stock indices.

Active investors and traders will have wonderful opportunities if they use the right strategies.

Join me this Tuesday, December 29th at 4 pm ET when I reveal the highest probability trading and active investing strategy for the volatile markets we will likely see in 2016.


In the webinar, you will learn:

  • …why 2016 is destined to be a difficult year for the buy and hold crowd

  • …a no-stress active investing and trading strategy to beat the market next year

  • …the Confluence Zone: The highest probability point to buy or sell any stock, index, futures contract or currency

  • …how the Confluence Zone can be used to hedge a longer-term portfolio

You will also get:

…Serge’s 2016 Market Outlook report

…a chance to ask questions during our live Q&A session

                                           “Profit in 2016 with: The Confluence Zone”

                                            Tuesday, December 29th at 4 pm Eastern

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I strongly recommend that you get signed up for this webinar as soon as possible. I bet the available slots will fill up fast for this one.

Serge Berger

P.S.  Don’t hesitate to save your spot – they are sure to go fast! Register Now!

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