‘I will drop all other subscriptions and keep The Steady Trader’

A Steady Trader member just wrote to me, saying she will ‘drop all other subscriptions and keep The Steady Trader’

There is a reason why The Steady Trader service works for self-directed investors:

Most services out there don’t work over time because they are either based on day trading, which essentially forces people to trade even when the getting isn’t good, or they focus on long-term fundamental stuff that most investors don’t have the stomach to ride out. The reality is that something in between is where the money is at and that patience is of the essence. There are plenty of times during each year when sitting out is the best course of action. Only be involved in the market when the odds are in your favor. Trading or active investing doesn’t have to be hectic, in fact if it is hectic then you’re likely doing something wrong.

The Steady Trader services focuses on an active investing time-frame of at least a few days to a few weeks, which is a sweet spot time-frame that a) most investors feel comfortable with and b) consistently offers high probability opportunities.


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