Inverse Head & Shoulders In AMZN, SPX, And All Around!

For the sake of pointing it out but not so much because I want to play this….note the inverse head and shoulders pattern in AMZN.  The neckline (resistance) is ust around $192, which by the way is also an all-time high for AMZN.  The stock is up nicely today after announcing earnings last night, so in the very near-term could be extended.  

Of course there's also a much talked-about inverse head and shoulders pattern currently playing out in tghe S&P 500, as well as in the technology sector etf XLK in case you're curious.  With so much upside down head&shoulders patterns around I wonder if it isn't all too obvious? 

I'm not involved in any of these patterns but am watching them carefully for clues to the master puzzle.

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