Join Serge at the Las Vegas Traders Expo

Las Vegas Traders Expo – Ceasars Palace November 19 – 22


Join me, Serge Berger , at the ultimate educational event for active traders. With LIVE trading demonstrations, personalized instruction , and plenty of proven, practical trading strategies direct from elite experts in every market, all traders will acquire necessary tools to make a profound positive impact on their consistency, confidence, and bottom-line results.

On Friday, November 21st at 8:00 am – 9:00 am I will present ‘The Keys to Profitably Trade a Bear Market’

Bear markets per definition are notoriously difficult for both traders and investors to make money in. Bear markets are littered with rallies that fade quickly and violently, and sharp downside moves in stocks that can be difficult to catch. In order to profit from a bear market, traders must understand the inner workings of them and resist the natural urges to chase stocks either up or down. In this highly insightful presentation, except trader Serge Berger will explain the workings of bear markets and clearly present strategies to apply in order to profit from these downturns in the stock market.

Drinks with Serge are held at the Ceasars palace at 1:00 pm on Friday, November 21st. I am looking forward to one on one chats with fellow traders. Please email serge (at) to reserve your spot.

See you in Vegas!






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