My thoughts and levels to watch after Apple earnings

Arguably the biggest earnings week for technology stocks is ahead of us with bellwethers like Apple and Google on the list.

Apple is scheduled to report its numbers after the close of trading on Tuesday. Analysts are expecting the company to report earnings per share of $2.59 on revenues of $67.50 billion. On a year over year basis this would compare rather positively with the $2.07 EPS and top line revenue of $57.59 billion.  

As an important side note, Apple stock is covered by hundreds of analysts particularly in the run up to the earnings announcement. Sadly, however, most of the analysis are focused on a long-term view and are under the assumption that the stock is held through the earnings announcement, giving little valuable information for active traders and investors who look to capitalize on more near-term opportunities with well-defined risk/reward. Given its market capitalization, liquidity and scheduled newsflow, AAPL stock still lends itself well to technical analysis.

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