Potential Bullish Pattern in Texas Instruments


Semiconductors are Texas Instruments Inc.’s (NYSE:TXN) biggest business as a percentage of revenue (roughly 90%).  While the major semiconductor indices display weak looking weekly charts, the daily charts show some potential for upside.  The same as it so happens goes for Texas Instruments Inc. (NYSE:TXN).   

After a big rally off the 2009 lows the stock hit a peak in March and has been correcting lower ever since. The weekly chart shows a wide trading band of support roughly between $22.50 and $27.  Last week the stock bounced near the middle of that range, which however still leaves it vulnerable to test the lower end near $22.50. 


On the daily charts the stock has formed a bearish looking triangle.  Note the 50 day simple moving average is near $28.55 and as such quite far away from the current stock price.  In any sort of mean-reversion move the stock should move up to that level.  A daily close out and above the triangle (around $27) could quickly lift the stock up to its 50 day simple moving average or beyond.  In that case initial stops could be placed around $25.50.      

Beware however that these are volatile markets we find ourselves in at the moment and swings both ways can be violent and quick.  The risk to this trade is that Texas Instruments Inc. (NYSE:TXN) falls out of the bear triangle for a re-test of the $22.50 area.

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