Why A Trading Plan Is Essential For Trading Success


Without a clear trading plan no one can make money consistently.  A trading plan allows the trader to execute his/her trades in a consistent manner and without letting emotions get in the way.  Clear entry points, stop-loss and profit targets are predefined by in the trading plan, allowing the trader to focus on execution of the trade rather than havng to interpret each trade as it unfolds.

Over my so far thirteen years of trading I have learned much and packed most of it into one extensive trading plan.  

The trading plan includes: 

  • 10 different high-probability trading and investing setups
  • 25 colorful charts describing each setup visually
  • How to setup your charts for each trade setup
  • Where to place profit limits and stop orders
  • How to manage risk in each trade setup
  • Rationale for each trading setup
  • Asset allocation guideline
  • Trading tips on psychology, money management, keeping score
  • …and much more!

If you want to become a steadily profitable trader I encourage you to consider picking up your copy of the trading plan HERE.

Happy Trading


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