Wells Fargo (WFC) – The Technical Bull Case

WFC along with JPM in my mind are some of the better financials charts out there, at least in comparison to GS and potentially BAC (although BAC is getting at least one leg back up).  Let's look at it in two time-frames, weekly charts and daily charts.

On the weekly chart below we see a narrowing trading range that has been developed over the past 24 months.  The level to watch out for here is $34, which has served as resistance in 2010 and prior.  So, from this point of view – bullish, check.

Over on the daily chart much of the same bull case we see.  A support line has developed over the past 6 months, which also led to a narrowing trading range (within that larger trading range on the weekly chart).  The level I am watching for here is currently around $32.70.  On a daily close above $32.50 I would be prone to go long for a quickish bucket 2 trade.  

Two more things to note:

First, earnings season starts next week and with JPM reporting on 4/13.  Historically speaking, banks have a tendency to rally into quarterly results and giving back some of these gains after the numbers.  

Second, this is a purely technical analysis so let's not forget other 'stuff' to look out for such as fundamentals, newsflow, and sentiment.  The latter two of which can move markets rather quickly.

Wells Fargo by the way reports earnings on 4/20 before the bell.



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